I used to do that too, Erica!

I had this beautiful colouring book just sitting there because I didn't want to stuff up any of the illustrations. I finally ended up just going with it and forcing myself not to think about what colour would look best and what would match the rest. I pick a totally different colour for each little part and it becomes some kind of fabulous rainbow – not perfect and not like how it's probably 'supposed' to look but I'm getting better at just going with it.

I've also been sketching by copying from a drawing book (things that my daughter can then colour in) and I've completed some paintings on canvas (none of it even close to perfect). I was so afraid of painting on canvas until I told myself that I can paint over them and turn them into something else. I can't even tell you how much that helped – just telling myself that it's okay because I can repurpose and reuse.

And that ended up really long. Sorry about that. I'm still surprised at how far I've come with giving these things a go that I spent so long feeling afraid to even attempt (not that I don't have days when I'm still afraid but I've made good progress).

Writer and editor. Writing about parenting, writing and life. Working on YA novel. Tea drinker. Book lover. Wife. Mother. https://melissajane.substack.com/

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